“The Seven Wonders” of Japanese dishes in America

In America, Japanese restaurants often offer sushi or meats cooked in teppanyaki style with the chefs showing off their skills. Sushi and teppanyaki meat are undoubtedly popular all over the world; however here in the United States, other dishes are gradually gaining their fame. Here is a list of all the now-famous Japanese dishes which you should definitely give a try:


Ramen is an extremely popular dish in Japan as well as in America, probably because of the well-known Naruto (whose favorite dish is ramen). It is usually cheap, but the taste is irresistible! In restaurants, ramen is served along with various meats and vegetables to ensure a healthy and refreshing meal, which has been a concern in America lately.

In Japan, ramen’s broth is used different among regions. It can come with miso or soy sauce, but the most popular broth is a salt-based broth. Beside ramen restaurants, you can get a cup of ramen in almost every Asian convenience store. They also have free hot water ready for a quick meal on-the-go.


Donburi means a bowl of rice in Japanese, expressing how simple the dish is. You start with a bowl of rice, then add various vegetables and cooked meats on top. You can choose to put beef and onions (Gyudon), chicken and egg (Oyakodon), tempura or fried pork (Tonkatsu) on top. Simple yet savory, Americans are being attracted by donburi!


Sushi is pressed rice mixed with vinegar and served with thin slices of raw fish. The fish can be served lying on top of a small rectangle piece of rice or rolled into a tube and covered with seaweed (then they cut it into small bite size circles). There is also sushi made with fresh vegetables and hard-boiled eggs (or maybe fried eggs), as well as cooked seafood. Sushi’s so famous that no more word is needed!


Onigiri is known as lunch box dish in Japan, which is really popular. You can find onigiri in every Japanese convenience store in the States and have it for a quick meal. Onigiri is a ball of pressed rice with a little bit of fish (or plum) in the center. The whole onigiri is then covered with seaweed. Normally onigiri is pressed into a triangle shape and filled with salmon, which is sometimes replaced with tuna.


Nabe is a large hot-pot which is served in a boiling broth along with meat, fresh vegetables and mushroom. Oden is also a Nabe but comes with a soy sauce based broth. You can find oden in some Japanese convenience stores (though it’s not as easy to find as onigiri).


Chahan is known as fried rice served with various distinctive ingredients. The traditional Chahan consists of rice, fried egg and onion (maybe with a touch of soy sauce). You can sure find some Chahan with different seasoning packets in many Asian stores (especially those selling Japanese goodies) and then make fried rice with your favorite flavors (shrimp and salmon flavor are among the most popular).

Curry rice

We all know that curry is not an indigenous Japanese flavor, but somehow curry rice has become a signature dish of Japan. Japanese curry is a little bit sweeter than traditional Indian curry. You will have a plate of rice, covered with vegetables and meats and topped up with a savory dense curry sauce. Americans are falling more in love with this Japanese version of curry as it is milder and not as spicy as the Indian one.

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