What Is The Most Popular Food In Japan


Japan is well-known for some delicious fresh cuisine. Along with maki, sashimi, ramen and udon, sushi is the most popular food in Japan. The way of sushi becomes very popular today can be told in a long story connected from past to present and here are some facts about sushi:



1/ History Of Sushi

It is probably a little shock to know that before becoming the very popular food served in luxury restaurants not only in Japan and the world as today, sushi has a humble origin – a street food. It dated backs from the second century A.D in China. When people wanted to preserve fishes for long term uses, they placed fish in rice and allowed to be fermented, then when it was ready, the rice was thrown away and the fish was eaten. A long time after that, the idea was spread to Japan, fish and rice sushi were fermented with rice wine or sake. In early 17 century, Matsumoto Yoshiichi of Edo started seasoning fish with rice wine and vinegar, which allowed it to be eaten immediately without waiting for several months to be ready. Later, when Tokyo was dominated by food service stalls, a man named Hanaya Yohei invented his sushi by placing a piece of fresh fish on top of oblong shaped piece of seasoned rice, which is nowadays known as nigiri sushi and it was sold at his food service stall as snack.

2/ Why Sushi Is Very Popular?

Although sushi is made from raw fishes, but they are prepared with strictly rules of sanitary conditions, in addition, sushi chefs have to pass the hard training for professional chefs before they are allowed to make sushi.

Knowing as a great source for omega3-fatty acids which is good for health, this may make sushi become the one of favorite food to be present on the table dinners of a lot of families.

Sushi is widely sold throughout Japan and there are a lot of sushi restaurants found in each city of Japan, which may make visitors surprised when visiting this lovely country, particularly in Tokyo there are 5000 sushi restaurants and this number is enough to show the popularity of sushi in Japan. In addition, sushi is also the most expensive top foods in the world.

3/ Types of Sushi

type of sushi

There is different types of sushi, but maki, nigiri, sashimi and chirashi are the most common types of sushi.

Maki – This the roll type of sushi, the fresh fish is placed in spread rice on a piece of seaweed with other ingredients like avocado or cucumber, then they are wrapped in oblong shape and cut into bite-size pieces.

Nigiri – This type is made of thin slice of raw fish placed over pressed vinegar-seasoned rice. Sometimes, nigiri is made with other raw seafood like shrimp, octopus and squid but never use meat and sometimes raw fish is replaced with cooked fish and seared fish.

Sashimi – This type is also made from raw fish and seafood but it doesn’t include rice and it is included with pickled ginger and a shiso leaf.

Chirashi – this type is served in a bowl, the thin slice of raw fish is placed over a bowl of vinegared sushi rice.


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