Freezer Tips for Salmon


Salmon is a common fish, and a popular food. It is an oily fish, considered healthy because it is high in protein, fatty acids and vitamin D. However because of its oily nature, it is also rich in cholesterol, and too much can be bad for health. Nonetheless, the benefits outweigh the negative so salmon remains a favorite. You can buy bigger quantity of fresh salmon off a commercial vessel or from your fishmonger. Buying in bulk can lower the price, and with a handy FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1, you can preserve and freeze your salmon for longer time. The FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 is a preferred vacuum sealer because it has the dual function of both an automatic vacuum sealer and a handheld sealer (Get manual review at

Where to find salmon

If you are in Japan, the northern rivers overflow with salmon during autumn and winter as they come in from the Pacific. In other parts of the world, it is found in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Countries with these coastlines enjoy game fishing for salmon. Fishing adventures are popular in Iceland, Canada, Scotland and England.where salmon live

Salmon are actually born in fresh water, but migrate to the sea, ending up in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. However, they return to fresh water when ready to reproduce or spawn. After reproduction, 50% of their species die within weeks. Those that are spared can spawn up to three times more.

How to buy salmon

When buying from a commercial establishment or from your favorite fishmonger, choose salmon with these characteristics:

  • Eyes should be bright, shiny and clear, not cloudy;
  • Gills should be pinkish or reddish;
  • Skin should be moist, not dry;
  • Scales should be shiny and tightly clings to the fish;
  • Body should be firm, and when you press it, will not dent inwards;
  • Inside flesh should be translucent, not darkened;
  • Smell should be fresh.

choosing salmon

Avoid salmon with:

  • Flesh all dry;
  • Flesh with darkened spots or bruises;
  • That has been placed in water or puddle (it should be on ice).

Benefits of vacuum sealing

Vacuum seal your salmon for best results:

  • It remains fresh up to 9 months;
  • It remains moist, and will not dry up;
  • No freezer burn;
  • No bad smell so your freezer will not have a fishy smell;
  • It will shrink the package and give you more freezer room.

How to vacuum seal salmon

Before you vacuum seal the fish, cut it to your desired size. Keep variations in sizes so you can play around with your menu. Have a whole fish to keep, some cut in cubes or strips. These can be used for sashimi or sushi or as a mix into your salad or soup.vacuum sealing salmon

FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 is good choice for vacuum sealing. It is a durable and good quality, dual function sealer. Here is the guide on how to use it:

  1. If you are using rolls, measure the size you need against the fish you are vacuum sealing. Cut the roll to the desired length;
  2. You may also use a pre-cut freezer bag;
  3. Put the fish inside;
  4. Put the open end of the bag near the slot, and the automatic bag detection will automatically slide it in;
  5. It will vacuum-seal on its own, and stop when all done.

How to freeze salmon

Here are some useful tips for freezing salmon:

  • Set your freezer at a constant temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Freeze in smaller sizes, like one-serve;
  • Do not re-freeze salmon that has been thawed;
  • Label with the name of the fish and date prepared.

How to thaw frozen salmon

  • Best way is to put your vacuum sealed salmon over running cold water;
  • Soak your vacuum sealed bag in a bowl of cold water;
  • Thaw overnight by removing from the freezer and putting it in the refrigerator.

How to prepare salmon the Japanese way

  1. Prepare vinegared rice, some vegetables and thin slices of salmon. Roll it together to make a tight sushi. Salmon may be raw or steamed or broiled.
  2. Slice the raw salmon thinly or in cubes, depending on your creative design. Serve with an assortment of dipping sauce and condiments like soy sauce, wasabi paste, grated fresh ginger.
  3. Eat the whole fish. Salmon can be cooked by pan-frying, broiling or grilling. The fun part is in using various dips of your choice. The favorite is wasabi paste, a staple in Japanese cuisine.

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