Get to Know Basashi Sashimi

Japanese food culture has always been widely known for its unique dishes. The dishes are so typical and unique that their names usually cannot be translated into other languages. One of the most famous Japanese dishes is the sashimi. When the word “sashimi” is mentioned, people mostly will think of some dishes made of raw fish. There is no doubt that the most popular and well-known sashimi dishes are ones from different kinds of fish. However, it may be surprising for some to know that there are other types of flesh that can be served as sashimi, too. So you may think of beef? Sure people can make sashimi from beef and even though it is not extremely popular, you can still encounter it in restaurants specialized in sashimi. Yet eating raw beef is not a big deal; it is quite easy to get used to the idea. How about horse meat? Have you ever thought of eating raw horse meat? Well, whether you have thought of that idea or not, it is clearly that the Japanese already thought about that and turned their thought into reality. They do eat raw horse meat in a type of sashimi which is called basashi sashimi. In this article, we will briefly introduce this special and unique Japanese dish.

1. The Recipe for Basashi Sashimi

Raw horse meat in thin slices

The way to make basashi sashimi is not different from the way people make sashimi from fish or beef. 
Fresh raw horse meat will be cut into very thin slice and served with ginger and soya sauce. People usually drink sake on enjoying the dish.

The horse meat which is used to make basashi sashimi is categorized into 3 types:
– The most expensive one is very flatty horse meat
– The least expensive one is lean horse meat
– The middle type
The key for a basashi sashimi with good taste is not using the most expensive type of raw horse meat, but using the fresh one. Horse meat which is kept in the fridge for too long a time will have the tendency to be soggy and hard to eat, especially for beginners.Basashi sashimi

2. Why You Should Try the Basashi Sashimi

While knowing about the basashi sashimi is an interesting piece of knowledge to many people, some indeed feel reluctant to actually try the dish. However, there are several reasons for you to consider the basashi sashimi.
– Horse meat is quite healthy: Even though people may not think of this aspect usually when talking about horse, in fact horse meat is quite healthy. It is high in protein and low in fat, low in calories in comparison to beef or pork. So horse meat is not a bad choice at all.
– The feedbacks are not bad: Many people hesitate on trying the basashi for the first time because they are still not used to the idea of eating horse meat, let alone raw horse meat. However, the feedbacks later are quite positive. Most of the people who try basashi sashimi love it. So if you are in Japan, try the dish.

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