How to Make the Chutoro Sashimi

Chutoro sashimi
In addition to make the sashimi from this tuna dish, the women can cook it to the butter grilled tuna, fish sauce fried tuna. They are also very tasty and appealing. Hope you will process the tuna sashimi really delicious in order to improve the menu of your family’s meal. Below we will share with you the making of Chutoro Sashimi to help you to make the meal for your family and share this tricks with your friends or relatives so that they can have more recipes and become the cooking experts in their families. Because of simple and quickly making, you can make your hand into processing the dish together with us!

Chutoro no Sashimi, one of the tuna sashimi of Japanese, is also known as Chutoro no Osashimi, is called as medium fatty tuna sashimi in English and Zhong fei jinqiangyu cishen in Chinese. You can find out this dish in every Japanese style restaurants (kappo-ten) or Japanese style pubs (izakaya) in Japan.

1. Raw Materials:

– Basic ingredient: Medium fatty tuna
– Extra ingredient: Green Perilla, Green Spring Onion, Garlic, Ginger
– Wasabi, Soy Sauce

2. Making:

– Buy the fish at an easy-to-find such as the supermarket. The fish selected must be really fresh, if not, it can make you get diarrhea.
– Cut the fish into slices.
– Serve at cold or moderate temperature.
– If you want, you can marinade the flesh of tuna with mayonnaise but it is not simple that you dip the pieces of fish into a disk like you do with the soy sauce. With this Chutoro Sashimi dish, you must spread out a big sheet of plastic wrap and smear the mayonnaise on it. After that, you wrap it up and keep it in the fridge for 3 hours. About mayonnaise, you should choose one type in Japanese-style that less waterlogged and creamier than Western ones. Then, take it out of the refrigerator, unwrap it, and apply the extant mayonnaise on the flesh. Your slices of sashimi will be different because of the mayonnaise outer. If you do not want to use too much mayonnaise, you can apply an amount less with the time keep it in the refrigerator longer, about 5 hours instead of 3 hours like the first method. With this way, your sashimi dish will have the better taste and styling.
– Decorate and eat together with Green Perilla, Green Spring Onion, Garlic and Ginger. If you want, you can also use additionally seaweed, sesame seeds, the taste is still great.
– Of course, do not forget dip the flesh in to Wasabi and Soy Sauce for more delicious.

3. Request:

– The flesh is tasty and has the sweet flavor.

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