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What Is The Most Popular Food In Japan


Japan is well-known for some delicious fresh cuisine. Along with maki, sashimi, ramen and udon, sushi is the most popular food in Japan. The way of sushi becomes very popular today can be told in a long story connected from past to present and here are some facts about sushi:

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“The Seven Wonders” of Japanese dishes in America

In America, Japanese restaurants often offer sushi or meats cooked in teppanyaki style with the chefs showing off their skills. Sushi and teppanyaki meat are undoubtedly popular all over the world; however here in the United States, other dishes are gradually gaining their fame. Here is a list of all the now-famous Japanese dishes which you should definitely give a try:

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How To Create the Good Table Setting with Traditional Japanese Tableware

     First of all, you have to know what is a traditional Japanese tableware? A typical tableware in Japan expresses not only how Japanese dine but their culture as well. They attach special importance to the smallest details so most of the Japanese tableware and eating utensils show their intricate methods.
     In Japan, how to create the good table setting is a part of their very important cultural cuisine even its level is as essential as food. Besides, Japanese also believe that the shapes and colors of eating utensils will enhance more or less overall thanks to its capacity of creating the more visual and appealing food.
     You ought to know that each item servicing for a specific kind of food is put on the dining table has a certain purpose. Although over centuries, the traditional Japanese table setting has many changes, there are still some objects which have been the top of typical represents on Japanese table for a long time.

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Japan: 4 Most Common, Traditional Ingredients

Every time someone says ‘Japan’, the word ‘sushi’ will immediately come up in your mind and there is a reason lies within this connection. The secret behind Japan’s success is their unique ingredients.

Japan is an isolated and densely populated island without many natural resources to spare. It is covered with mountains and the arable land was less than 12%; hence Japanese cuisine makes use of everything that’s edible on their land.

Japanese ingredients consist of various foods that many cultures normally neglect, such as wild mountain vegetables (ferns for example), seaweeds and every kind of fish you can imagine. Japanese staples are soybeans and rice which have been developed into hundreds of forms and recipes.

Take a look at an ordinary Japanese supermarket and you will find a lot of unique ingredients. Almost all of them are impossible to find elsewhere outside Japan and usually they cannot be substituted. But don’t worry because this is slowly changing and you can buy Japanese ingredients everywhere nowadays. And here is the list of top Japanese traditional ingredients you should know about:

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7 Things You Had Better Know About Japanese Food

The Japanese serious business is food so if you would like to learn about Japan, you should consider food first. With my experience, you have never found out a similar level of obsession with Japanese food in other countries. To help the lovers of discovering the Japanese traditional culture and cuisine, below are some important things you should know about Japanese cuisine:

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