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Get to Know Basashi Sashimi

Japanese food culture has always been widely known for its unique dishes. The dishes are so typical and unique that their names usually cannot be translated into other languages. One of the most famous Japanese dishes is the sashimi. When the word “sashimi” is mentioned, people mostly will think of some dishes made of raw fish. There is no doubt that the most popular and well-known sashimi dishes are ones from different kinds of fish. However, it may be surprising for some to know that there are other types of flesh that can be served as sashimi, too. So you may think of beef? Sure people can make sashimi from beef and even though it is not extremely popular, you can still encounter it in restaurants specialized in sashimi. Yet eating raw beef is not a big deal; it is quite easy to get used to the idea. How about horse meat? Have you ever thought of eating raw horse meat? Well, whether you have thought of that idea or not, it is clearly that the Japanese already thought about that and turned their thought into reality. They do eat raw horse meat in a type of sashimi which is called basashi sashimi. In this article, we will briefly introduce this special and unique Japanese dish.

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Quick Guide to Make Hotate Sashimi

hotate sashimi

Hotate, in Japanese it means Scallops, is one of the most famous and expensive shellfish not only in Japanese cuisine but all over the world. Japanese people can serve scallops in many different ways: they can make Hotate sashimi or sushi or with soup. Making Hotate sashimi, for example, is not time consuming at all but the result is very mouth-watering.

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Make Your Own Sushi – Otoro


Sushi has become the symbol of Japanese cuisine and has paved its path to the table of people all over the world. There are many types of sushi (basically you can call anything sushi if sushi rice is an ingredient in it), ranging from the beginner-friendly Maki roll to the Nigiri sushi and maybe further to Sashimi, which is just raw meats without any sushi rice. Today I will talk more about Otoro, the true delicacy of Japanese sushi (and maybe the most ridiculously pricy sushi you can ever try).

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How to Make the Chutoro Sashimi

Chutoro sashimi
In addition to make the sashimi from this tuna dish, the women can cook it to the butter grilled tuna, fish sauce fried tuna. They are also very tasty and appealing. Hope you will process the tuna sashimi really delicious in order to improve the menu of your family’s meal. Below we will share with you the making of Chutoro Sashimi to help you to make the meal for your family and share this tricks with your friends or relatives so that they can have more recipes and become the cooking experts in their families. Because of simple and quickly making, you can make your hand into processing the dish together with us!

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4 Simple Steps to Make Akami Sashimi

akami sashimi

Sashimi is one of the most common dishes that really represents Japanese cuisines. Preparing for Sashimi is quite simple: food is thinly sliced and served with no heat required. Unlike sushi, sashimi is served with no rice and often made from seafood like tunas, salmons, scallops and beef.

Also one of the most popular sashimi is bluefin tuna sashimi (maguro). There are 3 main types of tuna sashimi which is akami, chutoro and otoro sashimi. They are different because they come from different parts of the fish. Akami fillet is the part with least fat, which is very lean and firm, coming from the red loins of the fish. Akami is the most popular and least expensive among these 3 kinds of tuna sashimi. Akami in Japanese means red (aka) meat (ki).

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The Way to Make Sake Sashimi Really Delicious

Sake sashimi

If you are one who is interested in or has ever had a chance to set foot on Japan, we are sure you can’t be strange with sashimi because it is one of traditional foods of Japanese people. Usually, when making the sashimi dish, the main factors of this dish are kinds of seafood. Japanese people are one of the famous nations that have the average lifetime highest on the world. One of the tricks helps them to get the long-lasting health is the good eating regimen, especially the fish dishes which are eaten when still being raw. Salmon, because of much nutrition source, you do not need to be surprised when it is always listed in the most favorite kinds of fish in the country of cherry blossom. Should you are a fan of Japanese culinary culture; certainly you can’t miss this fresh and tasty sake sashimi, known as a dish which is much loved by many people and very popular. Let’s read this following recipe to know the secret to make unique sake sashimi to help your meal more attractive.

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Choosing fresh fish of Japanese Chef for Sushi And Sashimi

fresh seafood sashimi
Sashimi and sushi is 2 signature dishes of Japan. Sushi composed of vinegared rice along with seafood, sashimi is fresh seafood pieces. Sushi and sashimi are the main material used is raw fish. So, the choice of fresh food and remove the parasites on live food is an important factor when making sushi and sashimi. Here are a few things to choose the best fish for sashimi and preserved them in fresh safety, maintain the taste and structure of the dish.

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Learn About the Art of Sashimi When Traveling to Japan

Explore the culinary culture is a part cannot be ignored in any travels in any country, especially a Japanese tourist, you are certain to enjoy the traditional dishes and delicious for this country, because they are the crystallization of the material and processing engineering. Japanese sashimi is the combination of harmony and originality of the fresh seafood with processing techniques. This is one of the traditional dishes are very particular when mentioning the country of sunrise. In this article, we will explore together about the sashimi – famous traditional dish and is the symbol of sophistication in Japan.

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