The Way to Make Sake Sashimi Really Delicious

Sake sashimi

If you are one who is interested in or has ever had a chance to set foot on Japan, we are sure you can’t be strange with sashimi because it is one of traditional foods of Japanese people. Usually, when making the sashimi dish, the main factors of this dish are kinds of seafood. Japanese people are one of the famous nations that have the average lifetime highest on the world. One of the tricks helps them to get the long-lasting health is the good eating regimen, especially the fish dishes which are eaten when still being raw. Salmon, because of much nutrition source, you do not need to be surprised when it is always listed in the most favorite kinds of fish in the country of cherry blossom. Should you are a fan of Japanese culinary culture; certainly you can’t miss this fresh and tasty sake sashimi, known as a dish which is much loved by many people and very popular. Let’s read this following recipe to know the secret to make unique sake sashimi to help your meal more attractive.

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Oshizushi – One Popular Type of Sushi In Japanese Cuisine

Known throughout the world because in the essence of Japanese culinary culture. Sushi and sashimi, two small dishes, picky from the form to this taste sometimes leave the client mistakenly believes is the same. Sushi is known as a mixed rice dish with vinegar when eating is often combined with live fish, fish eggs, or vegetables and is usually gone in kelp leaves. Sashimi dish is that the main ingredient is fresh seafood and often eaten with leaf or beet. Currently, the sushi is not only a unique Japanese dishes, but also popular and well known in many countries of the world. If you want to understand more about the culture and cuisine of Japanese sushi dishes you can’t miss.

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Nigiri Sushi – The Combination of the Fresh Seafood Raw Materials

Nigiri Sushi
Sushi is probably the world’s most famous cuisine of Japan. Sushi was best known as the type of sushi rice hold oval, also known as nigiri sushi means sushi is pressed by hand. Nigiri sushi can be made with many kinds of meat on the top and is usually served in the sushi restaurant. The sushi chefs in Japan are undergoing an intensive training process can be homemade nigiri sushi. In today’s article, please join us to discover how to make sushi nigiri this attractive.

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Narezushi – The Origin of Today’s Type of Sushi

Sushi is not only traditional Japanese dishes, are more nutritious, are used in every Japanese meal. It’s also a specific icon when it comes to the country of cherry blossom. Sushi’s ingredients include seaweed, rice, vegetables and fresh food (such as shrimp, fish and other seafood) with fermented soy sauce combined with ginger and spicy mustard. With just a very small portions than normal, we can give the body a nutritional source so abundant and healthy. Over many years of history, this dish has the diverse variations in form and texture. Narezushi is the original Japanese sushi. To know the characteristics of Jav ,panese sushi cuisine, will probably take quite a long time to understand the richness and attractive features that anyone who comes here must also travel to try this dish at least once. Let’s find out why this dish makes the visitors enjoy so.

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A Few Strokes of Makizushi – Traditional Dishes of Japan

MakiSushi recipe
When talking about sushi, many people often think of the dish made with raw fish. In fact, makisushi can made with raw fish, but it can also be made of the fish has been cooked, or completely without using to fish. Makisushi can be made with any ingredients you like and it often made only with rice and vegetables. Maki means roll in Japanese, so makisushi means sushi rolls. This type of sushi is sushi rice is wrapped in nori seaweed, leaves in between there include many different types: meat, fish, eggs, cucumber, kanpyo, butter and many other things. This is the traditional Japanese sushi dishes are easy to make and easy to eat.

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Chirashizushi Formula And the Origin of the Unique Cuisine From Japan

Chirashizushi recipe
Some of the Japanese cuisine, sushi is probably the most well known dish in the world, thanks to the propagation and expansion, sushi has become a common usage in many places. Sushi is the rice soaked in vinegar on the side have put those delicious dishes. How to eat this at first is a method to preserve food at sea, by salting it until it goes sour and ferment. People put more into rice to rapidly make the process up me. Still found this traditional type of sushi called narezushi. In some areas in Japan, people in the province of Shiga has funazushi, a carp dish salt with fermented rice. Chirashizushi is a type of sushi are more showy color. Chirashizushi is very attractive and really is also a meal more nutritious, so Japanese people usually eat at home, on all season.

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How to Make Inarizushi – The Special Japanese Sushi

Inarizushi recipe

Inarizushi is the very famous traditional sushi in Japan – the country where the sun rises firstly, especially on the time of the New Year.

Inarizushi is well-known as a special and unique kind of sushi of the Japanese with the shell layer that is made from Tofu. This makes Inarizushi look like the small, nice and very attractive bag that contains the rice.

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Choosing fresh fish of Japanese Chef for Sushi And Sashimi

fresh seafood sashimi
Sashimi and sushi is 2 signature dishes of Japan. Sushi composed of vinegared rice along with seafood, sashimi is fresh seafood pieces. Sushi and sashimi are the main material used is raw fish. So, the choice of fresh food and remove the parasites on live food is an important factor when making sushi and sashimi. Here are a few things to choose the best fish for sashimi and preserved them in fresh safety, maintain the taste and structure of the dish.

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Learn About the Art of Sashimi When Traveling to Japan

Explore the culinary culture is a part cannot be ignored in any travels in any country, especially a Japanese tourist, you are certain to enjoy the traditional dishes and delicious for this country, because they are the crystallization of the material and processing engineering. Japanese sashimi is the combination of harmony and originality of the fresh seafood with processing techniques. This is one of the traditional dishes are very particular when mentioning the country of sunrise. In this article, we will explore together about the sashimi – famous traditional dish and is the symbol of sophistication in Japan.

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What Is The Most Popular Food In Japan


Japan is well-known for some delicious fresh cuisine. Along with maki, sashimi, ramen and udon, sushi is the most popular food in Japan. The way of sushi becomes very popular today can be told in a long story connected from past to present and here are some facts about sushi:

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“The Seven Wonders” of Japanese dishes in America

In America, Japanese restaurants often offer sushi or meats cooked in teppanyaki style with the chefs showing off their skills. Sushi and teppanyaki meat are undoubtedly popular all over the world; however here in the United States, other dishes are gradually gaining their fame. Here is a list of all the now-famous Japanese dishes which you should definitely give a try:

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How To Create the Good Table Setting with Traditional Japanese Tableware

     First of all, you have to know what is a traditional Japanese tableware? A typical tableware in Japan expresses not only how Japanese dine but their culture as well. They attach special importance to the smallest details so most of the Japanese tableware and eating utensils show their intricate methods.
     In Japan, how to create the good table setting is a part of their very important cultural cuisine even its level is as essential as food. Besides, Japanese also believe that the shapes and colors of eating utensils will enhance more or less overall thanks to its capacity of creating the more visual and appealing food.
     You ought to know that each item servicing for a specific kind of food is put on the dining table has a certain purpose. Although over centuries, the traditional Japanese table setting has many changes, there are still some objects which have been the top of typical represents on Japanese table for a long time.

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